About International Fact-Checking Day

International Fact-Checking Day is promoted by the International Fact-Checking Network in partnership with fact-checking organizations around the world. We believe that fact-checking shouldn't be something only professional fact-checkers do. An accurate information ecosystem requires everyone to do their part.

That's why last year the IFCN brought together fact-checkers from across the world to form the #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance. We created a searchable database of COVID-19 fact-checks with over 12,000 submissions so far.

The Alliance's work earned it the recognition of the Paris Peace Forum, which selected the collaboration as one of 10 projects out of a field of 100 to receive specialized support from the forum's Scale Up Committee.

Fact-Checking Day is an annual celebration and rallying cry for more facts in public health, journalism, and everyday life. It is meant to be lighthearted, but practical.

On this website you will find tip sheets and a reading list for everyday media consumers, course material for high school and college students, an interactive quiz, and more.

Make sure to follow @factchecknet, and #FactcheckingDay on Twitter to take part in the global conversation on April 2.

For press inquiries, email factchecknet@poynter.org. Read about the previous edition of International Fact-Checking Day on The Washington Post.

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