Sunday, January 23rd 2022

Agritania Today

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Contamination by GMOs: zero risks

The doubts, not to mention the myths, on the risks of contamination by GMOs have been completely debunked. News reports of cases of contamination proved to be unfounded. On the other hand, the benefits to the environment surrounding GMO crops, which could be exploited in Agritania in the near future, have clearly emerged.

GMOs: no risk for human health

In the end, after a debate that has lasted decades, the verdict seems clear: GMOs are not harmful to humans. Reports and studies that have stated the opposite turned out to be unfounded, and the latest studies have dispelled all doubts about the safety of genetically modified organisms. These conclusions should greatly influence the vote on the introduction of GMO crops into Agritania.

GMOs: the victory of the free market

The polemic with companies that patent GMO seeds has come to an end. GMO seeds are the result of years of research, and the patent is required to defend the work done. There is no problem of creating a monopoly of seeds in the world, nor will there be a problem in Agritania if GMO crops were to be introduced.

The ambiguity of the gmo patent issue

Some of the first GMO seed patents are expiring, but this is a positive change only on the surface. Multinational companies will file for new patents for GMO seeds that are better than those that can be freely used, leaving the farmers of Agritania with the crumbs of GMO seeds of the past.

GMO patents: new perspectives

In the past, most GMO seed patents were in the hands of a few companies. The seed patents, however, will expire, giving anyone the chance to use them. This is a problem, therefore, that will be resolved over time and which does not pose a risk to the agricultural sector in Agritania.